Training from Vladimir Yakuba about "Maximum sales"


The №1 sales business coach in Russia, Vladimir Yakuba, visited Tashkent to conduct a reality training about “Maximum Sales” for AKFA Group. The heads and specialists of the export departments, employees of AKFA Savdo, IMZO Savdo, AKFA Build and AKFA Projects learned the secrets of sales from a Russian expert. The organizer of the training was the AKFA Group Corporate University.

The speaker of the event, Vladimir Yakuba, conducted training in 18 countries, traveled to 138 cities. He is a finalist of the Russian book award "Business Book of the Year", four times recognized as the best in his direction.

At his reality trainings, Vladimir not only talks about sales technologies, but also shows on the spot how they work in practice.

At the training, he dials any "live" phone number and conducts a dialogue with clients, partners and even competitors of a particular company.

On June 26, more than 100 employees of the company learned about the 29 modular system for building a business process in sales. Vladimir taught the audience how to manage the dialogue, told how to replace the standard phrases: "How can I contact you?", "How can I help you?", "What are you interested in?" etc.

The business coach touched on the hot topic of sales during the pandemic. He explained how a specialist can avoid 90% of customer objections.

Vladimir Yakuba also showed a fascinating master class on telephone sales. At the training, he called the company's competitors to analyze the best and worst scripts, intonation, working out objections, and much more.

During the reality training, Vladimir also got through to the company's clients and demonstrated how they can be transferred to the next stage of negotiations with the help of phone calls. And then all the participants of the training were expected to work out techniques and reactions when working with the price, programming the client using the "JVM" method, the "ICNS" technique, storytelling in sales and other techniques that help to sell.

But the reality training program was not limited to sales techniques. Vladimir Yakuba discussed the topic of coping with the stress that salespeople are exposed to. The Russian expert shared how to tune in to work non-stop, not react to negativity and get rid of neuroses.

Vladimir Yakuba presented his books to active participants and organizers of the reality training.

The AKFA Group seeks and develops talents to build together the future of technology and engineering science in Uzbekistan.

Kamran Gulamov, the CEO of the AKFA Group