Electronic Document Management and Business Process Automation


The AKFA Group is carrying out comprehensive work on the implementation of the integrated solutions to optimize business and production processes.

It has been more than one year since the IT-Center of the AKFA Group was established, but during that time its own Data Center was launched, the MES complex has been introduced into the technological and production process, the cooperation with the major IT partners has been established on the implementation of Directum RX, 1C, iSpring and other software systems.

Carrying out large-scale work on the digitalization and automation of the company, special attention is paid to the introduction of electronic document management. The use of the Directum RX software package allowed the company to reduce the paperwork time significantly, simplify control over executive discipline in remote offices, and also increase the efficiency of employees.

During several months of work with the Directum RX system, the company could obtain distribution rights in the Central Asian market. The AKFA Group, supporting actively the promising initiatives in the field of information technology and solutions, is the official partner of the Annual Directum Awards 2020 competition, as well as the sponsor of the AKFA Group Choice nomination.

Before participating in the Annual Directum Awards 2020 competition, we had a talk with Azizkhan Mukhanov, the head of the AKFA Group's information systems implementation and operation department.

Why did you decide to participate in the Directum Awards 2020 as a Partner?

We, as a full-fledged IT center, can participate in various IT projects, support them and gain experience. The annual competition is a kind of IT-cases in which Directum products help achieve the results of digital interaction in any company.

Tell us about the main goals of the IT center?

Our goal is to ensure the competitiveness of business and its transformation into more efficient work through the use of modern information technologies.  We have our own server, in which we can allocate space both for our employees and for our clients and partners.

What is the difference between approaches to digital transformation of large and small companies in your opinion?

Digital transformation involves not only changing the entire business structure, business development strategy, corporate culture, sales system, team management and processes in general.

In general, there is not much difference between small and large business, the difference is only in the amount of work and in the time spent on implementation.

What are the prospects for using artificial intelligence in business processes and corporate content management?

Today, the ability to use artificial intelligence technologies is especially relevant when the control object and its external environment are a complex of complex processes and factors that significantly affect each other.

Typically, business leaders work in such a multitasking environment.  The tasks that they solve are aimed at strategic management of the company and the decisions made have a direct impact on the activities of top management and its fate.  The price of an erroneous decision in conditions of insufficient, incomplete or inaccurate information due to poor-quality analytics can lead to a decrease in the company's stability or even to its bankruptcy.

In the future, the introduction of artificial intelligence as an analytical "independent director" - assistant, having a higher reaction rate to various kinds of events, will help to avoid an erroneous decision that could lead to a decrease in the company's stability or even to its bankruptcy.  AI will help you make well-structured, analytically informed decisions based on big data analytics.


What would you recommend to IT directors who intend to implement a project to implement a business process management system?

Based on our experience, I recommended starting with a clear planning for the implementation of the system and treating it as a separate project.  The larger the company, the more difficult this project is.

It should be noted that at the first stages it is necessary to automate the business processes of managers, where there is a greater flow of documents, and then for middle managers and ordinary employees, where there is a small flow of documents.  And then the system will show its effect, where both paper resources are saved and the running of employees is reduced.

It is necessary to participate in forums of the IT industry, present your IT products and share experience, as well as give lectures in educational institutions about automation.

Thanks for the interview!

The AKFA Group seeks and develops talents to build together the future of technology and engineering science in Uzbekistan.

Kamran Gulamov, the CEO of the AKFA Group