The winners of the hackathon URBAN.TECH UZBEKISTAN 2021 have been announced


A competition for the development of IT solutions – the hackathon URBAN.TECH UZBEKISTAN 2021 - has ended in Tashkent. More than 160 programmers have been creating services and applications for production, medicine, science and education, as well as social life for 72 hours. The general sponsor of the event was the AKFA Group company. Supporting talented young professionals is an important part of the holding's global mission.

Today, IT specialists make up 0.4% of the employed population in Uzbekistan. According to experts' forecasts, the demand for IT professionals will increase from year to year.

One of the tasks of URBAN.TECH UZBEKISTAN 2021 was to attract young talented developers to this modern and in-demand profession in the labor market of our country.

For programmers, a hackathon is an opportunity to test knowledge and skills, exchange experiences and find out how effective teamwork can be:

– Participation in such events, regardless of the result, is a great chance to prove yourself, communicate with like-minded people, gain new knowledge and carry away a lot of positive emotions that will stimulate new ideas in the future. In turn, as a socially responsible company, we pin great hopes on young ambitious guys who are not afraid of their ideas and are not afraid to defend their ideas. This is very important, – said the general director of AKFA Group Kamran Gulamov.

The event's grant fund amounted to 150 million soums.

The winner of the hackathon was determined in each of the declared directions. As a result of the competition, the grant was shared by 4 teams:

  • WCI (case from AKFA Group) – the guys created an application for assessing the wear of equipment at the plant. The software shows the expected life of the equipment and conducts economic analysis, for example, whether it is necessary to repair the equipment, replace parts today, or leave everything unchanged;
  • Fazo (Science and Education) – presented a solution on OpenCV that allows you to record the activity of students during lessons. The system supports sending messages to parents of schoolchildren with a report on their progress in the classroom;
  • We Might (Medicine) – young people from Fergana have created a mobile application containing information about blood donors. With its help, you can find donors with the desired blood group and Rh factor, see who needs blood and respond to the application by opening your profile;
  • Space Team (Social life) – the youngest team has developed a website where everyone can find a job literally for one day.

AKFA Group is confident that the URBAN.TECH UZBEKISTAN 2021 hackathon has become an effective platform for the cultivation of qualified IT specialists who will be responsible for the development of digital technologies in Uzbekistan.

– I am convinced that in our country there are many brilliant young specialists who are capable of creating innovative developments and changing the world. AKFA Group gladly helps them to realize their abilities 100% and gives them a chance to become the best in what they love and what they live, – said Kamran Gulamov.

The AKFA Group seeks and develops talents to build together the future of technology and engineering science in Uzbekistan.

Kamran Gulamov, the CEO of the AKFA Group