Support the Future: Scholarship Program and Support for the Education Industry


In today's world, the leading companies and corporations remain aloof from the education industry.  However, cooperation with educational institutions is considered as an important part in dealing with personnel.

Educational institutions are strategic partners of the AKFA Group.  The business relations that were established with the educational institutions allow the Company to solve quickly almost any problems in the field of personnel training.

The AKFA Group appreciates, motivates and recruits the applicants with an impressive resume and excellent education and those who are taking their first steps in the career ladder or who are still studying at an university.

If a young person is educated, promising and ambitious, then the AKFA Group will help him develop.  The company has already begun implementing projects that contribute to more effective personnel training.

In order to improve the interactions of the AKFA Group with the educational institutions, aimed at long-term cooperation in the field of research and development, training highly qualified specialists in narrow-profile areas, educating workers and forming the reserve of personnel, the Company has approved a Comprehensive Program of Interactions between the Company and Higher Educational Organizations of technical, chemical and architectural specializations.

Complex Approach

AKFA Group provides several forms of support for specialized educational organizations

  • equipping the university with the modern equipment, building specialized classrooms, purchasing specialized literature, etc.;
  • giving lectures to students by the leading practitioners of the company;
  • holding scientific conferences and seminars by inviting well-known specialists in a particular professional field;
  • organizing and conducting internships for students in the offices of the company;

Nowadays, the construction of specialized AKFA-classrooms is in full swing at Turin Polytechnic University and Inha University in Tashkent .

Students will have a professional training, get deep knowledge and skills for their further work in these classrooms.  The Holding intends to conduct master classes, share experience, and discuss complex cases.  Thus, each student will have the opportunity to gain professional knowledge and experience in his/her desired area in the AKFA Group.

The AKFA-classrooms will also be put into use soon in the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers.

In addition, within the framework of the memorandum with the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent, the AKFA Group is planning to open its R&D center in the territory of the Institute. It will allow the students to learn practical skills deeper and prepare them for real working conditions of the AKFA Group.

Grants for students

In order to stimulate the creative activity of students, provide them with support in advanced training and professional growth, and address social issues, special student grants have been established.

This practice has been carried out by the company for the third year already.  For example, in 2019-2020, AKFA Group paid for the contract to 13 students working part-time in the Holding.

Young people have passed a careful selection, including several tests for analytical, logical thinking, to identify technical abilities, have established themselves as promising employees striving for self-realization.

As a result, out of several hundred applicants to the AKFA Group, 13 boys and girls were selected who are now successfully working and continuing their studies at universities.  They have already started practice and are participating in the implementation of projects based on their own ideas.  Ilkhombek Noilbekov, a 20-year-old student of Turin Polytechnic University, spoke about his experience in the Holding:

- To get into the AKFA Group, I passed several difficult test assignments, passed two interviews.  The guys from my university competed with me.  There were 40 of us in total.  As a result, four were selected, including me.  Since November 2019, I have been hired as an Assistant in the Engineering Department of the RND Department.

It is very interesting to work in AKFA Group.  We are currently implementing a production optimization project.  The idea arose even before I joined the company by Denis Ermolaev, the head of the engineering department.  We were able to develop it, and also developed a website and a mobile application for ease of use.  Our experience allows us to quickly solve problems arising in production.  For example, we have made a device that allows us to detect defects in production using CCTV cameras.

I believe that great prospects for building a successful career have opened up for me in the company.  I certainly wouldn't have gotten this kind of experience just by staying at the university.  In addition, the company pays for my education, and in addition to everything, being a student, I am engaged in an interesting business, I receive a salary.

Work in the field of education and support of talented young professionals for AKFA Group is an important part of the company's global mission.  Assistance in the development of education in the country has become a significant social project for the Holding, which allows it to promote its own HR brand and raise young in-demand personnel to work in the company.

The AKFA Group seeks and develops talents to build together the future of technology and engineering science in Uzbekistan.

Kamran Gulamov, the CEO of the AKFA Group