The Women's Club of the AKFA Group


We have different goals and objectives. But each of us is an identity.

In order to be successful, a modern woman has to be equally active at work and at home.  Such a burden often leads to a stressful and emotional exhaustion.  In addition, the AKFA Group is dominated by the number of men - according to the data from the end of December 2020, provided by the HR department, 7,250 men (83.7%) and 1,050 women (12.7%) work in the Holding.

In such conditions, the ladies need special support and the Holding provides it.  The AKFA Group has launched its own social responsibility strategy, in which the company encourages more women to build successful careers.  For this purpose, the Holding created even a Women's Club, where famous speakers, psychologists and other specialists are invited:

The women's club was founded on February 14, 2020. We wanted our women to be able to escape from work and family affairs at least once a month, cope with psychological problems, find an interesting hobby and develop - says the head of the AKFA University, the secretary of the Women's Club, Ozoda Saidkarimova, – Motivational meetings of the Women's Club also help remind once again that the company really needs the ladies.

The topics related to solving psychological problems are also important in the club. The psychologist works both individually with each employee and regularly participates in the meetings of the Women's Club:

The Women's Club has existed for a little less than a year, but during that time we managed to hold meetings dedicated to psychosomatics, where we talked about the possible psychological causes of diseases.  At another event, it was explained how to cope with emotional exhaustion, which occurs due to regular stress and leads to insomnia, apathy, chronic fatigue and even depression, says the AKFA Group psychologist Gulshan Rakhmanova.

All the meetings of the Women's Club are held in two languages ​​- Uzbek and Russian.  The program of events is diverse and includes training and masterclasses.  The Women's Club has started focusing on self-realization and self-development since 2021.  Therefore, the training on the development of leadership skills, emotional intelligence skills, time management, goal setting and planning is expected to be held for women.

In addition, the chairman, secretary, and ambassador of the Women's Club is planning to conduct a survey to find out what kind of meetings and masterclasses are needed for the women in the office.

The main mission of the Women's Club of the AKFA Group is to communicate and unite people with common interests.  We see the world with different eyes.  We have different goals and objectives.  But … each of us is an identity!

The AKFA Group seeks and develops talents to build together the future of technology and engineering science in Uzbekistan.

Kamran Gulamov, the CEO of the AKFA Group