AKFA Group employees take part in corporate KVN


AKFA Group holds the first corporate KVN in the history of the company. The competition was attended by teams from various enterprises and organizations of the holding: among them are teams from AKFA Group, ARTEL, ATLAS Group and MEDIA PARK. The intellectual game is held under the motto: "Excellent mood and intense humorous battle are guaranteed!"

Corporate KVN is not just a fun event, but a kind of team building that allows employees to unleash their creative potential, learn how to work more effectively in a team and develop internal corporate communications.

Corporate KVN helps the management to assess the staff's mood, improve the psychological environment in the team, if necessary, and, of course, strengthen the team spirit.

Performances of the cheerful and resourceful are held at the amphitheater site in the Ashgabat park. On its stage, on June 4 and 12, 10 teams played in KVN.

In the first semifinal on June 4, teams competed:

1) "Parkchilar" from ATLAS Group

2) "Bojhonachilar" – the team of the customs department of AKFA Group

3) "AKFA Universal" – IT department of AKFA Group

4) "IMZO" – the team of the IMZO company

5) "Excellent Art" – the ARTEL team for the production of mobile devices.

June 12, in the second semi-final, took part:

1) "ARTEL" – the team of the ARTEL company

2) "AKFA VATAN" – the team of the AKFA Group sales department

3) "MR Innovatsiya" – the team of MEDIA PARK

4) "GALAXY" – the team of the procurement department of AKFA Group

5) "ADREBALIN" – the team of the IMZO company.

According to the results of the two semi-finals, the teams that received the maximum number of points from the jury members reached the final of the corporate KVN:

- "Parkchilar" – 12 points

- "Bojhonachilar" – 11.7 points

- "AKFA Universal" – 11.6 points

- "ARTEL" – 11.7 points

- "AKFA VATAN" – 11.6 points

- "MR Innovatsiya" – 11.1 points.

According to the plans of the organizers, the final of the corporate KVN will take place in July 2021. The prizes for the winners are kept secret to whet the interest of the teams in the performances.

The AKFA Group seeks and develops talents to build together the future of technology and engineering science in Uzbekistan.

Kamran Gulamov, the CEO of the AKFA Group