The AKFA Group sponsored the largest contest in mental arithmetic in the country


The AKFA Group sponsored the Fourth Republican Mental Arithmetic Contest ALOHA. The company has been supporting projects aimed at developing the younger generation.

The event was also organized by the Agency for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Investing in education and discovering the intellectual and creative potential of our children is the best investment for the future. Personal development is greatly facilitated by additional activities such as mental arithmetic, which improves our memory and trains for a creative and abstract thinking.

The ALOHA got the status of a Republican contest in Mental Arithmetic in 2021. Children from all over the country (Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Namangan, Andijan, Fergana, Karshi, Nukus, Zangiota, Zarafshan, Akhangaran, Chirchik, Bekabad, Angren, Navoi and others), aged from 5 to 13, took part in the contest on June 27.

700 boys and girls added, subtracted, divided and multiplied four – and even five-digit numbers in their mind at an amazing speed. An abacus (a counting frame) was also used for complicated calculations.

Mental arithmetic also develops other abilities of children. Many of them start achieving significant results in music or in the subjects which were difficult for them.

According to the results of the contest, more than 200 winners got the memorable gifts from the AKFA Group.

The successful candidates are expected to take part in the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic 2020 International Contest in Mental Arithmetic, which will be held this year in Seville, Spain. (It was canceled last year due to the Pandemic).

However, the date of the contest remains unknown due to quarantine restrictions at the moment.

The AKFA Group seeks and develops talents to build together the future of technology and engineering science in Uzbekistan.

Kamran Gulamov, the CEO of the AKFA Group