Colors of kindness


The IMZO factory presented the New Year's holiday to the children of the orphanage №23

The New Year is a time of good deeds, gifts and miracles, which everyone is waiting for without exception. On the eve of the holiday, and on the celebration itself, it is customary to make wishes, have fun and exchange gifts. This is a special event, a real fairy tale filled with magic, and even the most family time of the year.

AKFA Group, as a socially responsible company, implements a number of activities aimed at supporting the younger generation. In this direction, our key goal is to make children who find themselves in a difficult life situation happier, give them hope for the best and surround them with the attention, as they need it so much.

For example, the IMZO factory helped the children of the “Mehribonlik” orphanage No. 23 in Tashkent to celebrate the New Year in a fun and interesting way. For this, long before the main celebration of the year, the company decided to present the artistic creations of children to the general public.

The charity exhibition of children's paintings "Colors of kindness" started on November 10, 2020 at the Autograph Art Gallery, located in the very center of the capital. The exhibition featured 50 paintings by more than 30 children.

Everyone could buy the painting they liked until December 10. The fees were used to organize the New Year for boys and girls from the orphanage No. 23.

The themes of home, family, friendship, nature and dreams inspired the children to create memorable works. It is noteworthy that all the drawings were digitized and printed with ceramic ink on the glass using Dip-tech technology.

Dip-tech is a unique technology for printing ceramic ink on the glass from the IMZO brand, which allows to apply any design or image in almost any format in the highest quality. The print is resistant to chemical influences, moisture and UV radiation.

As the part of the "Colors of kindness" campaign, on New Year's Eve, the IMZO factory organized a bright holiday for boys and girls in the Ice City entertainment center.

The children got unlimited access to all the attractions, watched a bright show program with the participation of fairy-tale characters, demonstrated their skills on the dance floor, tasted delicious treats and, of course, were happy with gifts from Santa Claus!

In 2021, AKFA Group will continue to help the younger generation of Uzbekistan. We want to show in our social projects that charity is a natural need of socially responsible companies in Uzbekistan.

The AKFA Group seeks and develops talents to build together the future of technology and engineering science in Uzbekistan.

Kamran Gulamov, the CEO of the AKFA Group